Hunter Pyle to speak at Bridgeport’s 2020 PAGA Program

May 11, 2020


On May 15, 2020, Hunter Pyle will be one of the featured speakers at Bridgeport’s annual PAGA event.  This year’s program will be conducted remotely due to the shelter-in-place orders currently in effect.

The program is described as follows:

In California, the Private Attorneys General Act PAGA poised to become the next “it” claim in wage and hour litigation? This program will explore the ever changing PAGA landscape, offering practitioner insight into how best to prepare for the anticipated uptick of representative action litigation.

Hunter and one other speaker will cover the following topics:

Procedural Issues and Nuts and Bolts of PAGA – this panel will provide a full picture of what PAGA is, what violations give rise to PAGA liability, how PAGA claims are brought and litigated, and what remedies are available through PAGA.  The panel will describe:  the current procedure for exhausting a PAGA claim with the LWDA (including 2016 amendments); the potential involvement of the LWDA in investigating claims; the relationship between PAGA claims and class action principles; the state of the law on whether PAGA claims are “individual” or “representative” in nature; and how PAGA penalties are calculated.