We Fight for Employee Rights in the Workplace

Employees in California enjoy many basic rights, including the right to be free from discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.  Some employees also have the right to be paid for all time spent working, for overtime work, and for missed meal and rest periods.  The laws that govern California workplaces are complicated and change frequently.  You deserve an attorney who specializes in employment law.

The employment lawyers at Hunter Pyle Law have many years of experience representing employees.  We are committed to protecting employees in many different types of cases including:

  • Wage and hour cases, in which employees bring claims for unpaid wages (also called “wage theft claims”);
  • Whistleblower and retaliation cases, in which an employee is terminated for complaining about conduct in the workplace;
  • Discrimination cases, such as cases in which an employee is treated differently because of his or her gender, race, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation; and
  • Cases for missed meal and rest periods in the workplace.

The attorneys at Hunter Pyle Law have represented employees in individual and class actions against small and medium sized employers in the state of California.  We have also brought “David versus Goliath” cases against large corporations such as Chevron Texaco, and against government employers like the United States Postal Service.

Contact an Employment Rights Lawyer in California

If you have questions about whether your employer has violated your rights in California, please feel free to contact Hunter Pyle Law for a free and confidential initial intake.  Our offices are located in Oakland, but we handle cases throughout California.  Please continue reading our webpages to learn more about your rights in the workplace.