Doe v. City


San Francisco County Superior Court Case no. CGC-11-511698

The plaintiff in this case is a female to male transgendered person.  He worked for a city in California.  From 2001 through at least 2012 he suffered harassment from his coworkers and supervisors because of his transition from female to male.

This harassment took many forms.  Some coworkers refused to call him “he” or “him.”  Others insisted on calling him by his female birth name.  Comments were made about his body, and some coworkers regularly pointed their phones at him as though they were photographing his genitals.  The common theme that runs through all of this harassment is that the men and women who were doing it were refusing to recognize that he is a man. That caused the plaintiff to suffer severe depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

The plaintiff complained over and over again about this harassment.  He tried every avenue open to him before filing this lawsuit.  In response, the city did very little.  It held some trainings.  It counselled a few people.  But this did not stop the harassment, and the city refused to take real steps to discipline those who were responsible for the harassment.  This failure caused whatever steps the City took to be ineffective.

After many years of litigation, the city settled, and paid the plaintiff $650,000.

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