Individual Plaintiff Results

$4,681,968.90 – Jury Verdict in Zuniga v. Carroll Fulmer Logistics Corporation, Alameda County Case No. RG10496445. This case settled after verdict for $5.2 million.

$2,100,000 – Settlement in Stancill v. City of San Leandro, Alameda County Case No. RG 09469513. This case involved a police officer who was terminated after he complained about discrimination.

$1,512,500 – Confidential Settlement (single plaintiff)

$1,000,000 — Settlement after approximately three days of jury trial. (Defendants initially offered $450,000, then reduced this offer prior to trial.)

$970,000 – Confidential Settlement (single plaintiff)

Represented Arthur Peters, who had been laid off because he requested an accommodation for his disabilities. SSP negotiated a settlement package that included returning Mr. Peters to work, guaranteeing his position for nine years, and a substantial payment for emotional distress. The total value of this package was in excess of $950,000.

Represented Bernice Cotton in a sex discrimination/retaliation case that was tried to verdict. The jury found for Ms. Cotton and made the requisite finding for punitive damages. This case settled prior to the punitive damages phase for approximately $750,000.

$600,000—Confidential Settlement (individual plaintiff)

Represented a long-time employee of a major corporation who was part of a large lay-off. The plaintiff alleged that his race was a motivating factor in the adverse decision. This case settled for $350,000.

$450,000 — Confidential Settlement (individual plaintiff)

$250,000 – Confidential Settlement (single plaintiff)

Represented Ladene Dillihunt, a non-career employee with the United States Postal Service alleging she was sexually harassed by her supervisor and wrongfully terminated. This case settled with the Postal Service agreeing to re-employ Ms. Lidihunt in a full-time career position and payment of $175,000.

Represented Carlos Corral, a career employee with the United States Postal Service alleging he was partially disabled, denied reasonable accommodations and wrongfully terminated. This case settled with the Postal Service re-employing Mr. Corral in a modified full-time career employment position and payment of $166,118, and also allowing Mr. Corral to separately recover the worker’s compensation benefits that were mysteriously denied for the several years that he was not allowed to work (rendering the total recovery approximately $250,000).

Represented Mary Carson in a lawsuit against her employer alleging that the employer had unlawfully discriminated against her on the basis of her disability. After receiving a jury verdict in Ms. Carson’s favor, the defendant agreed to settle this case for a substantial sum.

Represented Norma Pine in a lawsuit alleging that her former employer had unlawfully discriminated against her and terminated her because of her disability. This case settled for $150,000.

Represented three employees in a lawsuit alleging that their former employer failed to pay them all of their earned wages and overtime premiums. This case settled for $100,000. Morales v. Lin Empire Buffet, Inc., Contra Costa County Superior Court, Case No. MSC06-02344.

Represented Evangeline Bronson in a lawsuit filed against Contra Costa County alleging that the County had unlawfully refused to allow Mrs. Brown to return to work because of her perceived disability. After SSP filed suit, the County agreed to return Mrs. Brown to work and paid her a substantial settlement.

Represented Gina Marquez in a lawsuit filed against the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office. Ms. Marquez alleged she was harassed on the basis of race (Latina) and gender, and wrongfully terminated after complaining about the unlawful conduct. This case settled for a confidential amount.

Represented Chi Chau in a lawsuit for wrongful termination for complaining about smoking in the workplace. This case settled for a confidential amount after a jury trial and a verdict in Mr. Chau’s favor, including attorney’s fees and punitive damages.

Streeter v. Oakland Raiders and Allen Davis, Alameda County Case No. RG06292795: Confidential settlement after attorneys at SSP defeated (1) The Raiders’ motion to compel arbitration (both in the trial court and at the appellate court); (2) The Raiders’ demurrer and motion to strike; and (3) The Raiders’ motion for summary judgment.

In addition to these individuals, our attorneys have represented many other plaintiffs who have received settlements in excess of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000).

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