Hunter Pyle to speak at Bridgeport’s Wage and Hour Conference

October 4, 2020

Wage and Hour 2020 – Session One: Overview and PAGA teleConference

Wage & Hour Update and PAGA is the first part in Bridgeport’s Wage & Hour Series. Bridgeport’s annual Wage & Hour Update explores and explains in-depth, the critical and changing aspects of Wage & Hour litigation.  This year’s program will focus on AB 5 and Prop 22, the ever increasing use of PAGA in wage and hour litigation; key developments in the case law such as Uber & Lyft, Duran; Iskanian; Ayala, interpreting the white collar exemptions, New Legislation, Regulations and Statutes and the enforcement and litigation of arbitration agreements.   The unique format for the program will feature an explanation and then discussion of the aforementioned topics. Session 1 will provide an update and overview of important Wage & Hour Issues that affect California employers and Employees. The Session will also include an in-depth look and discussion at PAGA and it’s use in California.  This 3 hour teleconference will provide plaintiff, defense, in house and government counsel with the latest thinking.