Hunter Pyle Law Successfully Opposes Motion to Compel Arbitration

In a hard-fought victory, Hunter Pyle Law recently prevailed on opposing an employer’s Motion to Compel Arbitration. Hunter Pyle Law filed a wage and hour class action and representative action pursuant to the Private Attorneys General Act (“PAGA”) on behalf of our client. The complaint seeks relief for nurses who worked throughout the state of California and alleges that the employer committed various wage and hour violations dating back to 2017.

The case was pending for over a year when the employer attempted to compel the case to arbitration based on an arbitration clause in the employee’s offer letter. The Court agreed with Hunter Pyle Law that the arbitration agreement was unconscionable, and therefore, unenforceable. If the employer’s Motion to Compel Arbitration was successful, it would have extinguished our client’s class action and PAGA allegations.

Hunter Pyle Law vigorously opposed the employer’s Motion to Compel Arbitration, thereby preserving our client’s class and representative action in court.

If you have faced workplace violations, you can count on the attorneys at Hunter Pyle Law to be your zealous advocates.